Monday, February 22, 2010

Ye Olde Chandler Newsletter

Regardless of what that groundhog says Spring will be arriving soon! Stock up now and fill your home with the clean scents of Fresh Linen, Stormy Day, or Rain Garden. We have also added a brand new scent, Orange Mango, to our line which has quickly become a customer favorite! Come visit us at for descriptions of all of our scents and products!

Satisfied customer sings our praises!

It is always exciting to hear someone who confirms what we already think. We think that we have the best sample box and some very talented e-tailers, but we always love hearing what our customers think. From time to time, we may opt to share some of their opinions. We want our e-tailers to know that people think you have the most FANTASTIC products! Thanks to everyone who participates in our boxes and for allowing us to promote your products and company. Here's the glowing review from Christina C:

Feel welcome to use my comment!

I bought my first box from Snowberry Creek this month and it was the BEST sample box ever. I love your boxes and would like to become a regular customer. Thanks for what you do!
And it really was the best. It had the most samples, the largest sizes, and the fewest tart or "odds n' ends" samples. Not that those are bad samples, but they're not bath and body samples that I crave.

Thanks for choosing our sample box, Christina C. We certainly appreciate you taking time to let us know what you think.

Our e-tailers offer a variety of products - you may order directly from their websites.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blue Monday Wal-Mart Giveaway Winner

is.....(drum roll) Ye Olde Chandler of TX. Congratulations to you! Thank you for continuing to choose Snowberry Creek to promote your website, fantastic candles and soaps!

The boxes are on sale February 25th if you would like to sample some "goodies" from our talented e-tailers. Or maybe you know what you want - that's great! Just zip on over to the e-tailer's (of your choice)website and make your purchase. They all have some fabulous products!

Thank you, Ye Olde Chandler! Best wishes to you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ye Olde Chandler Tumbler Sale - 7 days left!

For a limited time only at Ye Olde Chandler!! Take $1 off of our Classic Tumbler candles in the scent of your choice!! Just in time for Valentines Day! Get that special someone their favorite scent or treat yourself and fill your home with Wine and Roses or Endless Love. With over 80 scents to choose from we know you'll find something you'll fall in love with! Sale ends February 15th.

Joy of Soy

by Lesli of Ye Olde Chandler Hand Made Soy Candles

Soy!! It’s everywhere these days but what’s so great about it? I’m sure you’ve heard about the health benefits that adding soy to your diet can bring but did you know that soy is being used in candles? Soy candles are rapidly gaining in popularity due to the fact that they burn much cleaner than paraffin candles and therefore do not cause the respiratory problems in some people that paraffin candles can.

Interested in the Green movement for a better planet? Soy wax is made from soybeans grown right here in the USA and is the second largest grain crop we produce. As a renewable resource, the widening use of soybeans contributes to our society’s move away from fossil fuels and towards the reduction in greenhouse gases. Paraffin, on the other hand is a byproduct of petroleum. When crude oil is “mined” the paraffin is refined out as undesirable. After the refining process it is sold off to companies that use paraffin wax. The carbon in the paraffin is what leads to all that nasty black soot that you’ll see not only on your candle jars but also on the walls of your home. With soy you will have much less soot production and therefore much better air quality.

Soy candles not only burn cleaner than paraffin, they burn longer. 50% longer in fact! Soy burns slower and at a cooler temperature than paraffin creating a longer lasting product. This also aids in scent distribution which is why soy candles usually smell stronger than paraffin. The fact that it burns cooler also makes it safer for children and pets. I’m not suggesting pouring hot soy wax on yourself but in the event of an accident the consequences are less dire. Plus if you do spill liquid soy wax it cleans up easily with soap and water. Just try that with paraffin! Are you an animal lover or Vegan? Soy candles are also safe for you since soy wax is made exclusively from soybeans, no animal products are used.

So making the switch from paraffin to soy is a small step towards cleaner, healthier air in your home and a happier planet Earth!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Candles & Woodcrafts Winter Sale Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Winter Sale at Candles and Woodcrafts.

The New Year has come and gone already and it time for the Winter Sale again.

I would like to invite everyone to come on over to Candles and Woodcrafts and browse around.

All customers, past and present and new, have the opportunity to save big on every item on our website this week.

Enjoy 10% off on all items on the website, and have a chance to win a
a towel holder of your choice! All customers will be entered in a drawing and if selected will get to choose the towel holder they would like to receive.

The sale begins Feb. 4th and runs through Feb. 12th.

Orders will be processed and shipped in the order in which they are received.
Shopping cart will calculate the discount.

We have a new promotion on the website. Every customer who places an order in any month will have their name placed in a drawing for a free item at the end of that month. The customer's name will placed in the drawing once for each order that is placed during any given month.

We offer supplies for the home crafter as well as finished decorative items.

Wooden soap molds, a large variety of sizes, loaf/log molds and slab molds. We are introducing our Totally Collapsible Soap Molds!

We have double, triple and quad cell soap molds. Our soap molds can be used for cold process soap making and melt and pour soaping.

The molds can be unfinished or stained.

Wooden displays for your candles, soaps, bath and body items, spices and so much more, unfinished or stained.

Wooden soap dishes and crates. Everyday items such as paper towel and plate holders.

For the soap, bath and body items crafters we offer soaping oils, powders, clays and botannicals.

Holiday items....don't forget those, most holidays are pretty much taken care of now, but it is never too early to get what you need for the holidays. Gingerbread men, santas, snowmen, witches, turkeys, rabbits and more!

Let’s not forget soap! We offer many different fragrances of cold processed soaps on our website as well.

The middle of Feb. will see the launch of many, many new fragrances of cold process soaps offered, with even more coming in March.

This sale ends Saturday morning, Feb. 13th so shop as soon as you can!

Julie ~ Candles and Woodcrafts

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heaven & Earth Essentials Newsletter

Love, Love, Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. We've been busy creating new goodies for you, and we're really excited about them! We hope you will be too. So take a few minutes, grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, and check out our website for new perfumes and products. It's very easy...just click on the "New Products" category on the left side of the Home page.

Pink Ribbon Collection

You will see our new Pink Ribbon Collection, including a new perfume and an EO blend that we created, and all proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We've also added a Pink Ribbon Page, where we will post your memories and photos of your loved ones who are fighting cancer or who have passed from it. May they feel your love from your words.

New Sunscreen Lotion and Essential Oils

We have also added our own recipe Sunscreen Lotion to our list of products! Look for it in the dropdown list with each perfume scent. It's moisturizing, goes on light and absorbs quickly so it feels dry, and it's SPF20. We have added to our Essential Oils as well--single oils and EO blends.

New Perfumes and Soaps

New perfumes include Soul Garden (a custom scent for Carol), Mary Jane, and Toradoshi (a scent for the Chinese New Year--it's the Year of the Tiger). Please also check out our new African Black Soaps!

Are you looking for a sale? Well, we have an awesome sale coming up next week (February 8-15). Our perfume oils will be almost 50% off and other goodies will be 15% off!

Facebook and Twitter
One last thing: If you want to know more often what we are doing, what sales are coming up, etc., follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We announce our sales and new products there first, and offer specials just for following us there (hint, hint!).

We are always here to answer any questions you may have. Have a beautiful day, and may you enjoy Valentine's Day with your loved ones!


Heaven and Earth Essentials
42854 County Road 184
Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parade of Creations #2

Join the fun...check out the fantastic products in our Parade of Creations! You may find something for your honey for Valentine's Day (or you may want to pamper yourself).

Something for everyone - lotions, soaps, candles, pedi-care and for the do-it-yourselfer...wooden soaps molds, for crafting some handmade soaps of your own. I know you will find something you sure to viist the e-tailers. If you don't want to shop at this moment...bookmark it for later reference. I know all the business have excellent customer service, quick shipping and great rates!

"Favored Feet is for ladies looking to pamper and give special attention to their feet year round. The new Favored Feet Gift Set is the latest edition to the Blended Naturals product line and includes Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Cream, Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Scrub, a four part pedicure paddle and bath pouf all tucked away inside of a clear reusable vinyl gift bag with decorative black drawstrings."

You may view these items at: Fresh Radiant Skin

"Care for You because There's Only One You"

For a limited time only at Ye Olde Chandler!! Take $1 off of our Classic Tumbler candles in the scent of your choice!! Just in time for Valentines Day! Get that special someone their favorite scent or treat yourself and fill your home with Wine and Roses or Endless Love. With over 80 scents to choose from we know you'll find something you'll fall in love with! Sale ends February 15th.

Ye Olde Chandler has fantastic candles - great scent throw and enough fragrances to please your honey!

Candles and Woodcrafts offer a full line of finely crafted wooden soap molds. The mold pictured is a double mold - you can pour to different batches of soap at the same time or make a double batch of your favorite.

If you're not a soap artisan, Candles and Woodcrafts offers their beautiful handcrafted soaps in many different scents and colors.


The double cell wooden soap mold is one of many handcrafted wooden soap molds offered by Candles and Woodcrafts.

Clay Lady 42 is one of our new e-tailers. You make check out all of her wonderful creations in her Etsy store. I love love dishes, bowls, etc. so I will be visiting her store soon! I can see these lovely little dishes used to hold some handcrafted soap in the right setting.

Bleeding heart dish: Not your average Valentine's Day gift! I combined black and red glazes on this darling swirled heart dish that resulted in a marbled, bleeding heart effect. It's the perfect size to use as a ring catcher, spoon rest, tea light holder, or anything you can think of. It comes gift boxed ready for you to give to your sweetie, or keep as atreat for yourself. It measures approximately 3-3/4" x 3-1/2", and is about 1/2" tall.

Square heart dish: Another great item for you or your sweetie on Valentine's Day! This dainty dish was created with earthenware clay and a lace embroidered ornament, and finished in a springy pastel lilac food safe glaze. It's perfect as a candle holder, trinket/jewelry holder, spoon rest, and much more. It measures approximately 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" square, and it about 3/4" tallat the corners.

You may find these dishes at Clay Lady 42.

Heaven and Earth Essentials has something for everyone - kids & your pampered pets. These shampoo bars will have your kids WANTING to wash - they are so cute!

Giggles! Shampoo Bar for Kids--Easy for kids to use and they never use too much so it lasts and lasts. Wonderful goat's milk formula, they come in fun animal shapes and scents kids love!

Pampered Pet Shampoo Bar for Dogs--A solid shampoo bar that makes it easy to bathe your pet! Contains Shea Butter, Castor Oil, and essential oils--no fragrances added. Cute bone shape makes it a fabulous gift for that dog lover.

You may find these creations at Heaven and Earth Essentials.

Beautiful Handmade, Artisan Soaps from Ginger's Garden. A full line of handcrafted soaps - swirled, stamped, solid colors - for women, men & children - in many scents and colors is brought to you by Ginger's Garden .

The green soap is Green Meadow, the white is Coconut and the black/white is Anise. These soaps may be viewed & purchased at Ginger's Garden.

Primitive Kountry's products are made with soy wax. You will find candles, melties, wax dipped toilet paper, primitives and so much more. Retail and wholesale available. They have a "Candle Club" and an Affliate program.

"Wax Dipped Toilet Paper"
This Tp is dipped in Cinnamon Bun scent, great conversational piece or just for decor. Scent lasts a long time with these. You get everything shown in the picture. Stop by today and visit Primitive Kountry!

The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty offers handmade creations, all the way from Alaska! Lotions are infused with healing waters from mineral hot springs, and they are loaded with Vitamin E. All products are formulated for sensitive skin and are great to ease the irritation of eczema and psoriasis.

Check us out online at

For the cowgirl or cowboy in you! Delightfully Wed offers many handcrafted western soaps that may used as favors for your event or to spruce up your powder room. Come by Delightfully Wed or visit us at Etsy or Artfire. We offer many other soaps designs, along with cake toppers, accessories and supplies for your wedding or event.

Delightfully Wed - we look forward to working with you!

Overall Beauty is extending an offer to potential and existing customers through a coupon on Merchant Circle.

Buy one mineral eyeshadow, get one free! Pure mineral makeup by Overall Beauty Minerals - your choice of colors. Add comments to your choice of free 5 gram jar of any mineral eye shadow you would like to receive with your order. Limit 6. Offer expires 4-26-10.

Hope you have enjoyed the parade of creations and have found something that interests you. See you next time! If you wish to join us - just let us know. This is a free service.