Thursday, June 25, 2009

Product Showcase - Soap That Makes Scents

Looking for a new soap or maybe you would like to try a soap made by someone other than the person you've been buying from...take a look at these soaps. They sure smell good! Soaps That Makes Scents makes products other than soaps...look below at the pictures of some of items they offer.

This Body Souffle looks yummy enough to eat. Don't eat it! I bet your skin will feel silky smooth and you'll smell oh so divine! Oh...think of relaxing in a tub of hot water...all of your troubles floating away....goodbye tension!

Jump Up and Kiss Me! I like the name of this solid perfume. You can wear this perfume with confidence and know that you smell good!Just the right size to carry in your purse.

Oh Honey Honey Soap Bar. This soap is aptly named - it does remind one of honey, all gold and sparkly. The beveled edges make for a professional looking bar.

Soap That Makes Scents offers many products and fragrances. Be sure to visit them at Soap That Makes Scents to browse their store full of wonderful products.

Monday, June 22, 2009

E-tailer Spotlight ~ Soap That Makes Scents

We are introducing one of our newest e-tailers ~ Karina of Soap That Makes Scents. She has some fantastic products. You will get to know Karina by reading her interview. Hope you find time to go visit her website and Etsy store - the links are below. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed to find her samples in your box. We will be posting her "Product Showcase" tomorrow. You will see her wonderful products - too bad you can't smell them!

How or why did you start your business? When I moved from Canada to the United States in 2004, it wasn't legal for me to work, but I still wanted to contribute to my family. I had been making and selling soap since 2001 and was able to continue that while the paperwork was processed to allow me to work in the U.S. Our daughter (who is now almost three) was born soon thereafter and I didn't want her to be in daycare, so I decided to stay home and raise her--Soap That Makes Scents went full time in 2006.

What kind of products do you carry or make? Soap That Makes Scents offers a lovely variety of handcrafted bath items including a vegetarian soap line, shea butter lip balms, and body souffle

What do you listen to or watch while you work? If I'm on the computer, I constantly have YouTube videos playing in the background..mostly Bon Jovi (yup, they are still rockin' out with new music!) or Richard Marx

Do you have a special or certain way you like to begin your day? Well, I'm a work at home mom, so first thing is to make sure my toddler is fed, and then while she's quietly playing I check my online sales and update my shop where needed. After that, I answer all waiting emails/convos, and then go over my To-Do List for the day..normally soap and heavy computer work (like label design) is created during my daughter's nap time; wrapping/cutting/labelling when she's up and about.

What do you do to unwind and relax? When I have the time, I love to read. I devour books in just a few days or so. Right now I'm reading the TruBlood saga (8 books in total--the 9th out this year), which is now a television series on HBO.

Do you have a storefront, sell strictly on-line or both? I sell online, as well as at craftshows and homeshow events.

Please list any websites and email addresses.

Do you sell on Etsy, Ebay, Fuzzb or Made It Myself? If you do, please list a link to your store.

Do you Twitter? What is the url to your page?

Do you have a blog? Please list a link to your blog.

What or who inspires you? What really gets me going the most are scents...fragrances invoke memories and mindsets. Think about what the smell of sugar cookies fresh from the oven means to you, or the scent of coconut--perhaps it reminds you of your last tropical vacation. That's what I want to capture. I want to offer a slice of your life in every bar.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own business? Promote like there's no tomorrow! No one will know about you or the great products you offer unless you tell them about it--and often.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Battle with the New PC

The old pc was clanging and making all kinds of strange noises! I call Julie in a panic and tell her to "listen". Her first words were, "You better back up everything you want". Those are words of the wise. Julie is much more knowledgeable about purchasing a new pc and went directly to to help me make a selection.

Luckily, Dell was having a sale and I made a purchase. I anxiously awaited the arrival on my new pc, all the while hoping that the old one would hold together until that day. The last day was up for grabs! It made all kinds of weird noises, took forever to load, froze between windows and ran very slowly. The new pc was delivered and I rushed to call Julie! It arrived!

I quickly took the old pc down and moved it over out of the way. I unboxed the new pc, set it up and powered it on. It looks great! A widescreen monitor, no wheezing and clanging, quickly loads and doesn't freeze between windows! I'm uptown! I think this is a breeze...the quickest, easiest setup ever! Then reality sets's Vista and I don't know where things are. The software I try to load won't work. I need new picture editing software as Picture It 2002 and Paint Shop Pro won't work (or my versions won't). I load the software I have that is compatible, tranfer my files from the external hard drive. Now, I decide to look for some of the files....where are they? I can see them in windows explorer but when I look in my documents...they aren't there. Strange! I click on Pictures...there's some of my pictures but not all of them. Then I notice that Pictures has a folder within it called My Pictures and there are some more of my pics. I didn't make a My Pictures folder in Pictures. Okay, I try to be positive. I like the pc and I will adjust. I can't use Outlook Express!!!! OMG I must use Windows Live and it pulls all of my emails from all accounts into it. It's all jumbled together! More calls to Julie for support! Well, I decide the Windows Live mail might not be too bad...I can email from all of the accounts without actually switching to the account. Hmmmm....interesting.

I'm still adjusting. I thought changing from Office 2003 to Office 2007 was a pain. This takes the cake! I did adjust to that I can find most of the options and features that I need and use. So, I'm sure in time I will love Vista...I just need to get use to the change. It must have features that I will love. lol

If anyone has any tips, advice or words of comfort - please don't hestitate to leave them for me. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Announcing May Winners

We're happy to announce the lucky ladies that were selected as the winners of our May drawings. The mystery prize winner is Mary of WV. The Mystery Prize was donated by The Soap Corner. Sorry I cannot reveal what The Soap Corner sent in as I will not ruin Mary's surprise. Thanks Teresa for being the Mystery Prize Donor.

The lucky recipient of a free Snowberry Creek Sample Box to be shipped out on June 25th is Karen of AZ.

Thanks for trying our e-tailers products by choosing a Snowberry Creek Sample Box. Please take time to visit the e-tailers and let them know what you think of their products. They love feedback.