Thursday, April 29, 2010

Country Keepsakes - New Creations

Are you hungry? If you're not, you soon will be after looking at Becky's new creations! Oh my....I want some of that pineapple upside down cake! These candles look good enough to eat and they will make your home smell as if you've been baking all day.

Mother's Day is fast approaching - May 9th. If you go on over to Country Keepsakes and order maybe she can get it to you in time. You will have to ask because I'm not sure of her turn-around time.

Braided Banana Nut Bread

Granny Cake

Candy Bar Cake

Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Cinnamon Bun Melts

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Hope you've enjoyed looking at the newest creations from Country Keepsakes. You may visit the store at http://cntrykeepsakes.comor for wholesale inquiries please visit CK Wholesale at You may want to visit her blogs and you may find the links at Country Keepsakes. Becky has lots to offer in her store as well as on her blogs. I thoroughly enjoy reading them.

I asked Becky for a few words of wisdom for anyone thinking of starting a business. I believe she is right on target.

My words of wisdom (by Becky) - If you are passionate about your business you will succeed. Always do something to put your business out there, whether it is 10 minutes or many hours. Building a business takes time and effort and just because you are self-employed doesn't mean you will have a lot of time on your hands. Being self-employed is usually harder than being employed as you have to have self discipline. There are many free advertising opportunities out there, but places that offer to send your samples out help you get your product out to many people for only the "cost" of what your samples cost you to make and postage...and will increase your chances of being noticed by a larger audience-people like to touch, feel, and smell (in my case) what you have to offer. This gives them a chance to do so, and not just a banner ad on a site-although that is helpful also.

Remember the pictures above are wax creations from Country Keepsakes....not real food. I know it is hard to believe as they look so real. They will look & smell great sitting around, but I bet they will fill the room with the most wonderul aroma while burning.

Ye Olde Chandler's New Line of Soaps

Introducing a new line from one of our very talented e-tailers. They have a line of handcrafted soaps, in addition to some fantastic smelling handcrafted soy candles.

“The Four Elements” handmade Soap Collection by Ye Olde Chandler.

The Basis for all of Nature

These 4 oz. handcrafted soaps are a wonderful new addition to their Handcrafted Soaps. Bring nature home with the scents of The Four Elements.

Ye Olde Chandler describes the scents as follows:

Wind: Woodsy and refreshing like a forest breeze.
Water: Clean like a spring rain with floral notes.
Fire: Exotic, spicy with a hint of musk.
Earth: An earthy patchouli blend.

You may purchase the soaps from Ye Olde Chandler for $3.00 ea. or add $7.00 and get the whole set of four soaps for $10! The set of four will include one of each element.

Remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mrs. Sterlings' Gift Set Giveaway!

We are so pleased to introduce two new fabulous fragrances

Lavender Martini

Little Black Dress

As part of our introduction of our newest fragrances we're giving away four gifts sets!
We will be giving away two gifts sets of each fragrance.

Each gift set will include a Bath Bomb, our new Body Lotion with Evening Primrose and
a little added surprise sample.

No purchase is necessary but you must enter for a chance to win.
You may enter to win both fragrances at Mrs. Sterlings.

Winners of the gift sets will be chosen on April 30.

If you want to leave a comment here - maybe she will give you an extra entry. Please leave Julie a little feedback on what you think of her new products. I love her packaging!
Mrs. Sterling's Bath & Body Boutique

Ye Olde Chandler - Newsletter

Summertime, when the living is easy....Know what else? Finding great summer scents at Ye Olde Chandler! Wild Watermelon, Lemon Pucker, Pineapple Cilantro, these are but a few of the many scents that will get you thinking about the fun days of summer! We will also be adding a new Four Elements soap line...... very soon that we are extremely excited about!

Go by Ye Olde Chandler for some refreshing summertime scents! Their candles and melts will fill your house with the wonderful aroma of summer!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heaven and Earth Essential's Newsletter

We are bringing you Heaven and Earth Essentials' newsletter to keep those of you who don't receive it up-to date. You may be interested to know that they have a new line of botanicals. Below you will notice what Barb has to say about their new products:

New Products

Botanicals are so good for your skin, so now we offer a Botanical Shampoo and Botanical Bath Oil in your choice of any of our exquisite scents.

April Sale!

April is always an exciting month--Spring is here, it's a time of rebirth for our Mother Earth, taxes are due, and it's time for Barbara to celebrate her 29th birthday--again. Come celebrate with us--have some chocolate, a cup of tea, and enjoy 15% off everything now through Sunday, April 18!

Have a fabulous Spring and enjoy all the beautiful weather. Remember to use our Sunscreen Lotion if you are going out in the sun, especially after a long winter. Protect your skin!

Soon, we will be publishing our new website and offering memberships in our new Club! Thank you to our wonderful customers who are helping us in these endeavors, we could not do it without you.

Hugs to all,
Barbara, Scott, Alex, Erica, and Jessica

Heaven and Earth Essentials