Saturday, September 25, 2010

Make Over for Snowberry Creek

Julie & I have decided to close the doors (so to speak) on Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes. We have enjoyed working with each of you and hope to stay in touch. We have shipped out the last of the samples in the boxes that left yesterday. If you have been sending us notices about your company's promotions, sales, etc. and want to continue to do so; that will be fine. I don't mind reposting them on our blog. Good luck to each and every one of you.

Julie & I will be revamping the site and embarking on another venture together. We are opening Snowberry Creek Emporium. This site will feature our items and it will be a varied lot. lol

We promised in the beginning that the etailers would always have a link on our website and we will honor that promise. As long as Snowberry Creek exists, the link to your website will be posted and available for our customers to find you. Same on the blog - no one's links will be removed from the blog. Please feel free to come by and say hi - leave us comment any time you wish. We will miss working with you, but feel that it is time for a change.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

End of Summer Sale at Candles and Woodcrafts

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to Candles and Woodcrafts End of Summer Sale!

I would like to invite everyone to come on over to Candles and Woodcrafts and browse around.
All customers, past and present and new, have the opportunity to save big on every item on our website during this sale.

Enjoy 12% off on all items on the website, and have a chance to win your choice of a 4 lb wooden soap mold or holiday towel holder of your choice! All customers will be entered in a drawing and if chosen will get to choose which item they would like to receive.

Sale runs Sept. 17th thru Sept. 27th

Orders will be processed and shipped in the order in which they are received.
Shopping cart will calculate the discount.

As always every customer who places an order in any month will have their name placed in a drawing for a free item at the end of that month. The customer's name will placed in the drawing once for each order that is placed during any given month. This month the customer whose name is drawn will receive either a 4lb wooden soap mold or a Holiday Towel Holder, their choice.

We offer supplies for the home crafter as well as finished decorative items.

Wooden soap molds, a large variety of sizes, loaf / log molds and slab molds. We are introducing our Totally Collapsible Soap Molds! We also have double, triple and quad cell soap molds. Our soap molds can be used for cold process soap making and melt and pour soaping. The molds can be unfinished or stained.

Wooden displays for your candles, soaps, bath and body items, spices and so much more, unfinished or stained, also wooden soap dishes and crates.

Customized Orders are also always welcome.

Holiday items....don't forget those, it is never to early to get what you need for the holidays and they are just around the corner. As matter of fact “now” is the time as painting takes extra time. Holiday paper towel and plate holders….gingerbread men, santas, snowmen, witches, turkeys and more! Finished and unfinished ornaments.

Also everyday decorative items such as paper towel and plate holders, clocks and more.

For the soap, bath and body items crafters we offer soaping oils, powders, clays and botanicals.

Let’s not forget soap! We offer many different fragrances of cold processed soaps on our website as well.

This sale ends Sept 27th so shop as soon as you can!

Julie ~ Candles and Woodcrafts

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is It An Honor or a Bother?

As most people know, Julie & I run Snowberry Creek together. We do live quite close to one another, but live in different counties. Actually, a river is the county line. Well, to my story or question.

Friday I call Julie on my cell to tell her my (mis)fortune. I had a call from a very nice gentleman informing me that I am to report to the Clark County Courthouse on Wed. morning at 9:00 for jury orientation and the trial will follow. My cell didn't have service at the time, so the nice gentleman just left the message. Wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gotten it? He didn't bother to call my house or ask for confirmation that the message was received. Would I have been in comtempt of court for not appearing?

As I've never served on the jury before, I was a little confused. I thought that you first report for jury selection before serving. Julie tells me she thinks the same and is very sympathic (in a best friend kinda way - lol). Although, she did receive a paper to fill out (at the same time I did) from her county. She is hoping that she's not called and so far it's looking pretty good.

I'm thinking the timing couldn't be worse as the hubs & I had a business trip planned to leave for Pendleton, OR on Sept. 22. I decided to call the Circuit Clerk's office to see if I could get a few more details. She informs me that it is for jury selection.....she says don't cancel your trip yet because you may not be selected (fingers crossed). Then she continues to fill me in....the trial is scheduled to last 7 days (well, if I'm selected...there goes the trip!) Oh, and you will be on the jury roster for the next THREE months.

Hmm....I'm wondering what kind of trial this is. I'll admit that I'm a bit curious to watch and observe the judical system at work. But then again, it seems to me that people are arrested, wait years to go to trial, taxpayers money is spent...hands slap or short sentence and back on the streets again for another go round. So my question is this, "Is it an honor or a bother to be selected to serve on the jury?" I cannot answer this question as I've never served but maybe someone that has can shed some light on the subject.

Oh- by the way, Julie received a call on SUNDAY morning at 9:00 am that she has to report in her county for jury selection on Thursday. She was on the phone with me at 9:01 to tell me her good fortune - LOL Aren't we just the lucky ones! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HaEE Premier Members' Club

Can you believe that it's time to go back to school already? Where did the summer go?

We recently launched our Premier Members' Club for those of you who want something special from Heaven and Earth Essentials--something that not everyone can have. As a Premier Member, you can enjoy all these benefits:

-Access to exclusive products, perfumes, and accessories that no one else can purchase
-10% off every order for the next 12 months, including items on sale
-Premier Member Scent of the Month: Every order that you place as a Premier Member qualifies you for a 2ml sample of Perfume Oil in our 'Scent of the Month'. This is in addition to our regular samples that we include in every order.
-Special newsletters with upcoming sales and specials, contests, ideas, recipes, articles written by other members, and more
-Specials that are available only to Premier Members, like "Buy one, get one half price"
-Premier Member Referral Program: If you are a current Premier Member, you will receive a $5.00 HaEE gift certificate for every new (paid) Premier Member that uses your name as a referral. And there is no limit to the number of people you can sign up!
-A free 5ml bottle of Perfume Oil of your choice with your first Premier Member order

Simply purchase your membership today for $25.00 and we will email you everything you need to become a Heaven and Earth Essentials' Premier Member, including your own special 10% off coupon code (good on your purchases only, non-transferrable).

A Premier Member gets a lot of goodies for a small price! Why not check it out?

Have a wonderful month and enjoy what's left of our Summer!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall is in the Air - Winter Close Behind! Ye Olde Chandler Has a Scent for You!

Fall and Autumn Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook

As we move away from the heat of summer we start to think of longer nights, cooler days and beautiful colors of Fall.

Try our new scent Autumn Harvest to kick off the turning season! Pumpkin Spice will make you think about that most popular holiday pie!

As we move into Winter try Gingerbread or Peppermint or the light scent of Sleigh Bells while you decorate your home or wrap up all those presents!

Visit our website to view all our scents we have several popular Fall and Winter fragrances, for example Spiced Cranberry, Woodland Cabin, Evergreen, and Blueberry Muffin just to name a few.

Looking forward to your visit. :)

Faye and Lesli

Ye Olde Chandler Handmade Candles and Soap

If you're looking for a good fall scent - Autumn Harvest or Pumpkin Spice are both great scents! ~Debbie