Sunday, December 21, 2008

January Sample Box Info

If you are interested in being an e-tailer in the January Snowberry Creek Sample Box, the samples (or full-sized products) are due Jan. 15. You may choose to send sample-sized items or full-sized items, the choice is yours. The minimum is 10 - you may send any amount over 10 that you wish to send in. If you want to send in some items, please send us an email at along with your banner (not required) and a description of your products. We will get you added to the website, begin to promote your website and products. We will be happy to put you in the "e-tailer spotlight" or the "product showcase", if you are an e-tailer. This is a free service for our e-tailers.

Our boxes are full of goodies such as soaps, tarts, candles, bath teas, bath salts, lip balms, bubble baths, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, wax melts, herbal teas, coffees, suckers, lotions, and many other wonderful creations. 99% of the items are handcrafted by independent business owners. We believe in supporting independent businesses as we are independent business owners, too.

If you are looking for a new product or a new place to shop, please visit some of our e-tailers websites. Many of them are having special promotions, deals, and discounts at this time. You won't be disappointed. I have personally shopped with many of them and I have been delighted with my purchases each time.

Our January boxes will be on sale Jan. 25th.


Wanda said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stoping by and saying hi. You have a very interesting blog. Are all the blogs listed business's and are you kinda like a Etsy shop. I am new to blogging and not up on all the goings on. Are you in Alaska? Are all of your products food and cosmetic based, what about soft good such as handmade crafts?
Sorry about all the questions, but "inquiring minds want to know". :) TTFN P.S, If you are in Alaska, do you have a lot of snow?

Anonymous said...

i adore yes adore MY SOAPS and the lovely DECORATIONS...Thank you for being someone who cares about customer service...and My Friend!

XO Merry Christmas!!!