Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nov. & Dec. Drawing Winners Announced

I'm a bit behind in posting the winners of our mystery prize and free sample box drawings.

The lucky winners in November are: Mystery prize donated by Candles and Woodcrafts - Susan of ND. The winner of a free Snowberry Creek Sample Box (shipped in Dec.) - LeAnne of FL.

Amber of IL is the lucky recipient of the mystery prize donated by Delightfully Wed. Anna of OK will receive the free sample box to be shipped out Jan. 25.

We will be drawing again after the boxes are sold in January. All customers will automatically be entered into each drawing when purchasing a Snowberry Creek Sample Box. The boxes will go on sale Jan. 25th. The site will be updated once all of the samples are in for the box.

Congratulations, ladies! Thanks for choosing Snowberry Creek Sample boxes and we want to encourage you to visit the e-tailers websites. Many of them are offering specials, discounts and promotions at this time. You may see a list of e-tailers (past and present) in our sidebar. Hope you enjoy your "goodies"!


The Muse said...

Yeah for Susan and Amber !!!
They were happy I bet!


Yeah, I think it is def. our theme song! lol...I adore it, just makes me want to get up and shake it, shake it! heehee...I usually get pretty tired of a song after I've heard it like 15 times, but this one keeps going strong.

Have a FABULOUS day!!!