Thursday, March 26, 2009

Product Showcase - SBS TEAS

This delightful children’s tea set is nestled in a purple polka dotted hat box lined with white fabric. Your special young lady will feel like celebrating when she serves tea to her special friends with this stylish purple and green porcelain tea set. Along with the teapot there are two cups and saucers, plates, creamer and sugar bowl and silverware.It is perfect for when your young lady is ready for an upbeat tea party.

What young lady wouldn't just love this lovely tea set. I can see the little table set now and what a party is about to commence!

If you are a collector of tea sets, this will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

Perhaps, you might need a bit of tea to go along with the tea set - SBS Teas has a full line of herbal teas - something for everyone's taste. You may visit them at


The Muse said...

Now isn't that the cutest thing? :)

Snowberry Creek said...

Makes me wish I had a granddaughter to play tea party with.