Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sale on Holiday Decorations

The holidays are just around the corner. Have you already been thinking about decorations? It's not too soon to start, if you like handcrafted decorations. You must allow time for them to be crafted and shipped. I know, we all have the tendency to wait until the last minute. Candles and Woodcrafts has a sale on their handcrafted/handpainted holiday paper towel holders. They have some really cute ones, including Halloween, Christmas, and Winter themed holders. These will help decorate your kitchen and lift your holiday spirits. Go on by and take advantage of the sale. When you purchase anything off of the website this month, you are automatically entered into a customer appreciation drawing. If you're a soaper - you will love this 3 lb. collapsible wooden soap mold!

For Halloween - choose between the witch and the vampire, if you can. If you can't - take one of each. You might be able to part with one to give as a gift.

I love Christmas decorations! This is going to be a hard choice for me, but I collect Santas, sooo...maybe I'll choose the Santa. Or I could purchase more and switch out. I bet my mom and daughters would love one, too. Hmmm...maybe just maybe I'll get them one, but I know I would be tempted to keep all of them unless I buy all them of just alike! lol

This makes me smell gingerbread cookies wafting through the air...reminds me of grandma's house during her holiday baking.

Oh, this one is versatile. You can use it during the Chrismtas holidays on through the rest of winter. My youngest daughter collects snowmen so I bet she will love this one!

Add this decoration to your home or office for the 4th of July. Order several for party decorations or maybe you know someone that collects eagles.

If you know someone that is getting married one of these holiday towel holders will make a unique gift for them. It will be an item that someone else will not get them and it will give them a start on their holiday decorations collection.

Remember you can find these unique handcrafted items at

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Hullo there!
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