Monday, October 19, 2009

Ye Olde Chandler "Fall Crock" Giveaway

The signs of fall...crisp, cool air; pumpkins for sale; turning leaves; pumpkin pie baking in the oven; thoughts of Thanksgiving. I'm sure you can add to this list. If you're wanting a bit of fall in your house - enter this free giveaway for one of Ye Olde Chandler's fall crocks. The crock is very nice - it is beige/brown with some green, yellow & orange. The flash makes the crock look white - it is mostly beige with brown accents. It is a glass crock decorated with leaves, pumpkins and acorns. The scent is vanilla spice and I can tell you that it smells very good (wish I could smell it burning...maybe I could just a little and the winner wouldn't notice! lol)

I purchased a fall crock from Ye Olde Chandler as part of a birthday present for my oldest daughter. She loves it! And her house smells sooooo good...pumpkin spice wafting through the air - makes me want to dash to the truck and speed home to bake a pumpkin pie! Well, actually my mom makes the best pumpkin pie...maybe I'll talk her into it.

The fall crocks are not on Ye Olde Chandler's website as they have a limited number of them left. We were very lucky that they so generously gave us one to give away. If you would rather buy one than take a chance on winning, please email them from their website Ye Olde Chandler.

Okay, now to the way to be entered into this wonderful giveaway sponsored by Faye and Lesli of Ye Olde Chandler.

Here's how you may win the Fall Candle Crock - (you will get one entry for each thing you do)

1. Buy a Snowberry Creek Sample Box

2. Comment on our blog about a Ye Olde Chandler product.

3. Post the link to a product from Ye Olde Chandler's website. May be something you've tried or want to try.

4. Make a purchase from Ye Olde Chandler - send me a copy of your order ( confirming it was purchased between Oct. 19th and Nov.3rd. You may email this to me at

5. Follow our blog - post that you are a follower.

6. Post about our giveway on your blog leaving a link on your blog back to this giveway. Be sure to post the link here so we enter you.

7. Follow us on twitter - be sure to post on the blog that you are following us on twitter.

8. Post on twitter about our giveaway with a link to this blog post in your tweet. Be sure to put @snowberrycreek in your tweet so we will know to enter you.

9. Send in samples for our next box - samples due by Nov. 15

Many ways to enter - don't miss out!

DRAWING NOVEMBER 4th AT 9:00 CST - will notify you and ship out as soon as we have your address. Be sure to leave us your email address so we may contact you.

This great giveaway is open to everyone - including e-tailers...Julie and I are unfortunately excluded.

They have many specials and promotions during the year. The Christmas Crocks are currently on sale. You may want to add on of these to your Christmas decorations and fill your house or office with a wonderful aroma!

Be sure to visit Ye Olde Chandler - you'll find many candles and soaps that will be great for gifts or perhaps some stocking stuffers.


Kim said...

Wow I'm the first to leave a comment? lol I bought a candle cause I am always looking for a better soy candle. I was torn between the usual vanilla and fruit scent. The fruit scent won!!

Bitten by Books said...

I would love to try their tarts

In Cinnamon Bun, Creamsicle and Amarreto. Well, actually any of their bakery scents sound divine!

Ohh I already closed the browswer, but I would love to try some of their Fluer de Lis soaps. My favorite symbol!

Great giveaway!

Bitten by Books said...

oops forgot to say, I am following you on the blog, email and twitter as @bittenbybooks.

email is
racoo.smith at gmail. com (no spaces) :)

Gonna tweet this!

HEY have not been getting emails about the sampler boxes. Are you sending them out? Can you put me back on your mailing list? PLEASE> :)

stacy stew said...

BBB sent me. Great giveaway.

Snowberry Creek said...

Kim - thanks for being the first to leave a comment! You won't be disappoint in your candle. I love their candles....I haven't tried the fruit scents but I have sniffed the samples! lol

Bitten by Books - thanks for stopping by. All of their tarts smell yummy - some I've tried and most I've sniffed the samples. I love smelling all of those fantastic scents!

Their Flue de Lis soaps are very elegant and smell sooo good! The gold bag is the perfect packaging for them.

All of your entries are accounted for. I will go right now and make sure that you are back on the mailing list. Don't know what happened there - but it's fixed!We are most definitely sending out the sample boxes - they are available now. Thanks BBB for spreading the word. :)

Stacy Stew - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You are entered into the giveaway. Thanks BBB for sending Stacy over.

Good luck to everyone!

Donna said...

I would like this:

Donna said...

I follow your blog.

Donna said...

I follow you on twitter.(donnak4)

Snowberry Creek said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by to enter Ye Olde Chandler's giveaway. Your entries have been noted. Good luck and should you will love your prize!

Snowberry Creek said...

I bought my daughter a fall crock for her Oct. birthday. She told me yesterday that it is gone...she loved it so much that she burned it all up and now....she wants another! I guess that's a hint for Mom to get her one! LOL That's okay...I know where to go.

LisaLisa said...

I miss you! Hope and pray all is well. Just checking in on you :0)

Faye said...

Good Luck to everyone.

Snowberry Creek said...

Awww, LisaLisa - I miss you, too. Thanks for coming by and thank you so very much for thinking of me. Times have been a little difficult lately and I know you know what I'm talking about without me going into it in this post. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Hugs!

Hey Faye! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the blog. Ladies - Faye & her daughter Lesli are the creators of the wonderful products at Ye Olde Chandler. Be sure to visit them!

kanishk said...

I was torn between the usual vanilla and fruit scent. The fruit scent won!!

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