Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Soap Corner's - Coffee Lovers Giftbag Giveaway

Don't we all love winning something made by someone else? What a treat! I know I thoroughly enjoy trying out different products. The Soap Corner has some fantastic coffee-scented items to tantalize your senses. What a way to get the day going - a cup of coffee and your coffee scented candles, soaps and tarts! You'll be supercharged and ready to accomplish all of the things on your to-do-list. Hey - maybe I need to keep this giftbag for myself...hmmm...I wonder...Nope, can't do it. Okay, I've wrestled with myself and decided that as much as I would love to keep this giveaway for myself; I can't. I will just have to place an order at The Soap Corner. She offers quick shipping and fantastic customer service - my order will be here before I can pout too long!

Now, I'll show you what's in this wonderful gift bag and tell you a little about the products. You will receive a 2 handmade soaps- 1 Cafe Mocha & 1 Coffee; 2 jar candles - 1 Cafe Mocha & 1 Coffee; 1 Coffe Lip Balm and 2 tarts - 1 Coffee & 1 Cafe Mocha.

You may ask, "Why Coffee Soap"?
Coffee can invigorate and reset your sense of smell.
Neutralizes and absorbs strong odors.
Makes a good astringent,exfoliates, and cleanses.
Revitalizes tired skin.

And besides all of those good smells good!

Okay, I've give you all of the information to be entered! Well, it's's the easy ways to as many as you wish to gain extra entries or just leave a comment and take a chance.

. Buy a Snowberry Creek Sample Box.

2. Comment on our blog about a product from The Soap Corner.

3. Post the link to a product from The Soap Corner's website. May be something you've tried or want to try.

4. Make a purchase from The Soap Corner- send me a copy of your order ( confirming it was purchased between Oct. 19th and Nov.3rd. You may email this to me at

5. Follow our blog - post that you are a follower.

6. Follow The Soap Corner's blog. Post that you are a follow, we will check it out and enter you. :)

7. Post about our giveway on your blog leaving a link on your blog back to this giveway. Be sure to post that you did this & the link here so we enter you.

8. Follow us on twitter - be sure to post on the blog that you are following us on twitter. We will follow you back. :)

9. Follow The Soap Corner on twitter. Post that you are a follower - we will confirm & enter you.

8. Post on twitter about our giveaway with a link to this blog post in your tweet. Be sure to put @snowberrycreek in your tweet so we will know to enter you.

9. Send in samples for our next box - samples due by Dec. 1st as boxes will go on sale Dec. 7th so people will have a last chance to see your products and Christmas shop with you.

DRAWING NOVEMBER 30th AT 9:00 CST - will notify you and ship out as soon as we have your address. Be sure to leave us your email address so we may contact you.

This great giveaway is open to everyone - including e-tailers...Julie and I are unfortunately excluded.

Be sure to visit The Soap Corner -
The Soap Corner's Christmas Shop is a hot spot with good ideas for gifts and she gift wraps all products for the Holiday Season at no charge. The Soap Corner will be having a Christmas Basket Giveaway valued at $50, starting November 27th and ending on Dec.10th.

Good luck to everyone - and don't forget about the Christmas Basket Giveaway. I'll have to be sure to go by and enter! I love her soap and the hubs really likes the Lymon Beer soap.


Donna said...

I would love to get several sample soaps to try.

Donna said...

I follow your blog.

Donna said...

I follow the Soap Corner's blog.

Donna said...

I tweeted:

Donna said...

I follow you on twitter.(donnak4)

Donna said...

I follow The Soap Corner on twitter.(donnak4)

Faye said...

Hmmmm, I can smell the coffee already. :)

Snowberry Creek said...

Donna - should you win you will receive full-sized soaps! Our samples boxes contain some of The Soap Corner's soaps. Most of them are full-sized or generous sample size. Thanks for follow her on twitter and following her blog - Teresa is a very nice, friendly person.

Oh Faye - this soap is sure to jump start you in the mornings! It really smells so good.

Thanks for the comments ladies and you are entered into the drawing. :)

abitnerdy said...

chocolate mint soap sounds amazing....the soap corner has such a great selection of products I keep finding more stuff <33 love it!

abitnerdy said...

i am following u on twitter yayyyyayyy @abitnerdy is me

abitnerdygirl [[ at ]]

abitnerdy said...

these are sooooo cute :)
abitnerdygirl at

abitnerdy said...

following soap corner on twitter :) @abitnerdy is meeee

abitnerdygirl AT gmail DOT com

Snowberry Creek said...

Thanks to everyone for their posts and comments. You are all entered in the giveaway the correct amount of times based on what you did.

I have deleted a couple of comments that did not pertain to the giveaway or to The Soap Corner. Please refrain from promoting yourself on someone else's giveaway.

We do this as a free service to our e-tailers. If you wish for us to promote you; we will happily do so. Do not use the giveaways on our blog promote yourself - you will be deleted.

Lara said...

-The zesty lemon tarts look really nice!
-Here is the link
-I follow your blog as well
Hope i win!
ExtasyPunq (at) aol (dot) com

Viva La Fashion said...

i love the scent of coffee. :)

Anonymous said...
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Snowberry Creek said...

Good luck to all who have commented and followed - you are entered. I have deleted another post by someone promoting their own website that is not an etailer and their post did not pertain to The Soap Corner or their products.

Thanks everyone for particiapting! Good luck!!

kanishk said...

would love to get several sample soaps to try.

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