Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Spring!

Spring is right around the corner. I love Spring, everything has so much potential, you can just feel the energy in the air as the earth begins waking up from its winter slumber. Soon little flowers and plants will be peeking up out of the ground. Heaven and Earth Essentials will be blossoming as well--we are working on a brand-new, totally different website that should make your shopping experience more enjoyable. At the same time, we are working on a new Membership Club, with discounts, a special newsletter, and other benefits. In fact, we'll be looking to our wonderful customers for ideas and articles for our newsletter, so if you like to write, please let us know. We would love to include an article from you!

Shop by Product
We now offer you the opportunity to shop by product on our website. Instead of going to our Products page and scrolling down and down to find a description of a product, you can select the categories and then the products you desire. If you know the scent you would like, you can enter it on the specific product page and order it right there. So now you can Shop by Product or Shop by Scent.

Last Chance
We want to remind everyone that everything in our Clearance category will be forever GONE as of March 31. The scents in this category are currently 50% off, so get yours now before they go away permanently!

Thank You
A big thank you goes out to those special customers of ours who are helping us develop our new Membership Club. We know our Club will be a success because of you!

Thank you ALL for helping us be a success. We love what we do, and we hope that when you get a package from us, it brightens your day.
Happy Spring!
Barbara, Jessica, Erica, Scott, and Alex

Please drop by to visit Barbara at Heaven and Earth Essentials - give her your feedback, check out the wonderful products or just say hi. She's a warm, friendly person and offers a variety of products with excellent customer service.

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The Muse said...

the name alone simply creates a vision of spring! i am off to visit them :)

nice to see your post ms wrangler! :)