Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giving Back To Our E-tailers

We work to promote our e-tailers - to show you how much we appreciate you placing your trust and your products in our care. We don’t stop working for you once your samples arrive and we put them in the box. We are continually looking for ways to promote you. We strive to gain more recognition on the internet for you. The more links you have, the higher you will be in the search engines. The higher in the search engines you are – the more visible you are. The more visible you are – the easier it is for the consumer to find you.

When you decide to become a participant in Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes; you send your products in and email us a banner (optional) and a write up of your products. We will add you to the “e-tailers in the box” – this is your first link. You will have a link on our forum, on our blog and if you have a blog – we will add it, too. In addition to your product being in our sample box and getting into the hands of new consumers, we promote our website (and yours) at many forums, twitter and on our blog. All of these are free services.

We don’t stop there. We are featuring an “e-tailer spotlight” on our blog. Any e-tailer is eligible to be in the spotlight. Just drop us a note and we will be happy to feature you. You will be on the blog, you may offer a prize for a drawing for people who comment on your spotlight (this is optional). We will promote you on all of the blogs, forums, and other places that we are members or frequent. We are implementing a “product showcase” on our blog. This is another promotional tool for our e-tailers to showcase one or some of their wonderful products. If you are interested having an item in the “showcase” send us a note at and we will go about putting you up. Just send a picture and a brief write up of your product. We will promote your “product showcase”.

These promotional avenues are free to our e-tailers. These are some of the ways that we promote our e-tailers and their wonderful products. There are many small companies out there with fantastic products that just need promotion and recognition. We promote the ones that are e-tailers in Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes. We believe in taking care of our e-tailers.

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The Muse said...

Having recvd my purchased sample boxes..I simply cannot say enough about how thrilled I am!
Even my husband was amazed about the quality and value!
Yes, one of the best values around!