Friday, February 20, 2009

"E-tailer Spotlight" - The Soap Corner

Teresa of The Soap Corner has some wonderful smelling soaps! The postmaster wanted to keep the box of items she sent in for the sample boxes. I have sniffed and sniffed - hope you are lucky enough to get one of her full-sized bars in your box. Teresa also sent in bath teas, lotion bars, tarts, lip dews and massage oils along with her full-sized bars of cold process soap.

Visit Teresa’s website or My Space to read about how she makes soap.

Visit Teresa at The Soap Corner, E-Crater, or My Space return to this blog – post about a product you like or would like to try. You will be entered into a drawing for a bar of Teresa’s fabulous handmade cold process soap. Drawing will be held on Monday, March 2, 2009.

Homemade Soap and Bath Essentials. Enjoy the Natural Form of Handmade Soaps. All products are formulated with good skin care in mind. 'Simply Homemade' by The Soap Corner.

Hi, I am the owner of The Soap Corner, my name is Teresa.

My small homebased business is located in Northern KY. I have been creating handmade soaps and bath products for a little over 2 years now, mostly selling at craft fairs in my area.

How or why did you start your business? After receiving a bar of homemade soap for a gift, and experiencing what a treat they were, I was hooked! I immediately had to find out more about this craft! I began reading and doing online research, joining soapmaker groups where women who have been in this industry for years were available to learn from.

What kind of products do you carry or make? Cold Processed & M&P Soaps, Homemade Bath Melts,Body Lotion Bars,Bath Salts and Lip Balm. I recently learned to make Tarts and Wax Melts to add to my products. Soap and Candles seem to go hand in hand!

Do you carry handmade products? Yes mostly
everything is handmade except the Melt & Pour soapmaking method.
What is your favorite product to make or create? Cold Processed Soap is my first passion (every batch is unique). But I also love my Butter Bath Melts.

Do you have a store front? No, Just on line.
Do you have more than 2 websites? Yes. I have a store front on Ecrater, that I just got open! I also have been working on my main soap store site at but it not as yet completed to the way I want. And My space page at Come and Visit!
Do you work at another job? Yes. I am a bartender aboard a Riverboat for their lunch and dinner cruises during the summer months.
Do you have a quote or saying? Happiness is..Simply Homemade.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own business? The research and work can be endless. Be passionate about what you do to succeed. Don't give up! Thank you Snowberry Creek! Teresa


Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said...

I can almost smell the soaps in Oregon!
I'm giving away something very big free-please help spread the word to everyone!

LisaLisa said...

What an great interview. It always amazes me to see how different soaps are made the end results are remarkable. Great Post!!!

Snowberry Creek said...

Sherrlyn, I'm on my way to check out your free give-away. The soaps this month smell soooo good! The Soap Corner sent in a variety of samples but her Lilac soap is smells great!

Thanks LisaLisa for coming by to visit and for your comments on Theresa's soapmaking.