Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lotions - Body, Face Hand and Foot

I started out to research the differences in lotions. I found many articles, considered all of the opinions and the general consensus is that you should use a face lotion/cream for your face. The reason for this is that other lotions/creams may contain ingredients that will clog your pores and cause a pimple outbreak. This does make sense to me as the face tends to not be as dry as the hands or feet so it would not require a heavy product that leaves a lasting residue. Face lotions/creams are specially formulated for use on the face. They are thinner than other lotions and creams, although the textures may be similar, the amount of ingredients are different. Face lotion has ingredients that aids in not clogging pores and has properties that tighten the skin as well as moisturize.

Body, hand and foot lotions/creams are thicker and usually leave a lasting residue to continue being absorbed into the dry skin that may be on your hands or other areas. These lotions are formulated to cling to the skin, protecting and nourishing these often overworked, neglected or dry areas. Many of these lotions contain shea butter and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter works well on dry skin, but will clog pores on the face.

Hand lotions are generally thicker and richer than body lotions so you may not want to use it on our back if you have a problem with breakouts in that area. You may want to use a lighter body lotion in that area. Foot and hand lotions are similar but many people prefer to use a lotion labeled for feet. Some foot lotions do have ingredients that you may not want to use on the hands as a matter of preference. Many have a mint ingredient to help eliminate foot order. Foot lotion tends to be thicker than hand lotion, as the feet have thicker skin and tend to be dryer. Many people have calluses, or cracked, dry feet and need the thicker lotion with an exfoliating property.

After my research, I basically found that selecting a lotion or cream is a matter of personal opinion. Some people choose one lotion/cream and use it for all areas as a matter of convenience. Other people believe in having a cream/lotion for each particular area and think that each one is the best in the area it was formulated to be used on.

There are many great lotions and creams available through our e-tailers. If you have a lotion or cream question, I’m sure they are more qualified to answer it than I am. The e-tailers are listed on the side bar, this will take you directly to their websites where you may email your questions to them.

I do not make lotions or creams so this article is just my opinion, so please consider it as such.


Ginger's Garden said...

I make lotions and creams. It depends which ingredients you use; not so much whether the lotion or cream is thick or thin.
It also depends on your age. Older skin can tolerate heavier oils and ingredients, as opposed to teenage skin which tolerates lighter weight oils better. Alergies also come into play in choosing which ingredients or skin care products are right for you.

Snowberry Creek said...

Thanks, Irena for your input and for clarifying the difference.

I was hoping some of our e-tailers would contribute to this post. If you aren't familiar with Ginger's Garden go by her website or blog, take a look. (Her website is posted on the sidebar of our blog). She makes soaps and lotions, and has an interesting history of soaping.

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