Monday, May 25, 2009

Take Me Away ~ Just For A Moment!

In these days of fast living, hectic paced lives…stop; take the time to coddle your self. If you are feeling rushed, stressed, and overwhelmed, you will not be at your best. How can you expect to be the best role model for your children, the perfect partner for your mate, the best employee or employer when you are feeling out of control? Take the time out of your busy schedule and do something for yourself. You will feel re-energized and ready to go again! I’m not promising that the products of our e-tailers are a magic fix…we both know there is no magic fix. But, it does not hurt to take time out and pamper your self.

Perhaps, you need nothing more than a quiet moment with a relaxing cup of herbal tea. Maybe you need a tub full of hot water, a fragrant scrub, a moisturizing, full-lathering, aromatic bar of handmade soap. Many of our e-tailers have sent in full-sized bars of soap – you will receive at least two or more full-sized bars. Wait….I forgot the bath salts and bath teas; you may want to start with one of those. The products in this box presents so many possibilities that you won’t know where to start. Just jump right in! Oh, the candles, tarts, and melts are sure to satisfy your senses and the enjoyable aromas wafting through the air will be most pleasurable while you are immersed and soaking in your tub of delightful products.

Once you have completed your marvelous bathing extravaganza, you will be ready to slather your body with the many massage oils, lotions, body bars, or creams that are included in our box to soothe your skin. By this time, you should be relaxed and feeling gorgeous. Maybe it’s time for another cup of tea. Or perhaps, you would like to try some of awesome mineral eye shadow or a bit of the fantastic smelling perfume. Full-sized items abound in this box. There are many items in our boxes – they are FULL of outstanding, impressive, awesome, marvelous, glorious, beautiful, delightful, enjoyable, splendid, remarkable products created by our e-tailers. I think I did an ample job of describing their products – if not feel free to add your adjectives to this post.

Remember….lock the door….let Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes take you away from the hassles of daily life! Take a moment to reflect, get a new outlook or attitude – you will feel better and be able to deal more effectively with whatever comes your way. Now, this is not a proven fact – just my opinion and observations of my own life. Sample Boxes on Sale Now.


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