Sunday, June 21, 2009

Battle with the New PC

The old pc was clanging and making all kinds of strange noises! I call Julie in a panic and tell her to "listen". Her first words were, "You better back up everything you want". Those are words of the wise. Julie is much more knowledgeable about purchasing a new pc and went directly to to help me make a selection.

Luckily, Dell was having a sale and I made a purchase. I anxiously awaited the arrival on my new pc, all the while hoping that the old one would hold together until that day. The last day was up for grabs! It made all kinds of weird noises, took forever to load, froze between windows and ran very slowly. The new pc was delivered and I rushed to call Julie! It arrived!

I quickly took the old pc down and moved it over out of the way. I unboxed the new pc, set it up and powered it on. It looks great! A widescreen monitor, no wheezing and clanging, quickly loads and doesn't freeze between windows! I'm uptown! I think this is a breeze...the quickest, easiest setup ever! Then reality sets's Vista and I don't know where things are. The software I try to load won't work. I need new picture editing software as Picture It 2002 and Paint Shop Pro won't work (or my versions won't). I load the software I have that is compatible, tranfer my files from the external hard drive. Now, I decide to look for some of the files....where are they? I can see them in windows explorer but when I look in my documents...they aren't there. Strange! I click on Pictures...there's some of my pictures but not all of them. Then I notice that Pictures has a folder within it called My Pictures and there are some more of my pics. I didn't make a My Pictures folder in Pictures. Okay, I try to be positive. I like the pc and I will adjust. I can't use Outlook Express!!!! OMG I must use Windows Live and it pulls all of my emails from all accounts into it. It's all jumbled together! More calls to Julie for support! Well, I decide the Windows Live mail might not be too bad...I can email from all of the accounts without actually switching to the account. Hmmmm....interesting.

I'm still adjusting. I thought changing from Office 2003 to Office 2007 was a pain. This takes the cake! I did adjust to that I can find most of the options and features that I need and use. So, I'm sure in time I will love Vista...I just need to get use to the change. It must have features that I will love. lol

If anyone has any tips, advice or words of comfort - please don't hestitate to leave them for me. :)

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Michelle said...

don't you just hate it when these things happen? when it rains it pours i tell ya!

My pc is 4 years old and holding well. It's a Dell but its slowing up due to the all the stuff on it.

Hope you're doing well. Stop by and say hi?-)