Thursday, June 25, 2009

Product Showcase - Soap That Makes Scents

Looking for a new soap or maybe you would like to try a soap made by someone other than the person you've been buying from...take a look at these soaps. They sure smell good! Soaps That Makes Scents makes products other than soaps...look below at the pictures of some of items they offer.

This Body Souffle looks yummy enough to eat. Don't eat it! I bet your skin will feel silky smooth and you'll smell oh so divine! Oh...think of relaxing in a tub of hot water...all of your troubles floating away....goodbye tension!

Jump Up and Kiss Me! I like the name of this solid perfume. You can wear this perfume with confidence and know that you smell good!Just the right size to carry in your purse.

Oh Honey Honey Soap Bar. This soap is aptly named - it does remind one of honey, all gold and sparkly. The beveled edges make for a professional looking bar.

Soap That Makes Scents offers many products and fragrances. Be sure to visit them at Soap That Makes Scents to browse their store full of wonderful products.


Military Momz said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know you won our cookbook and T-shirt contest. Please email me your address and shirt size to

Thanks and Congrats!

Snowberry Creek said...

Military Momz - I'm excited to have won your fantastic giveaway!!! I sent you an email (or two) with the info. Can't wait to get my stuff!!!!!!

I'll be posting soon to let everyone know all of the great things I have won lately. Thanks everyone!!!!