Saturday, July 18, 2009

Announcing the Winners from June

Congratulations to Linda from PA on winning the Mystery Prize - a full-sized item donated by Teresa of Linda your prize will ship on Monday, July 20 with an estimted 2-3 day delivery. May you enjoy your prize!

Kimberly of WA is the lucky receipent of a free Snowberry Creek Sample Box. Kimberly, your box will ship out July 27 with an estimated 2-3 day delivery. Hope you enjoy all of the "goodies" and find some new products that you love. Among our many talented e-tailers may you find a new store to supply the products you desire.

Thanks to all our the people who try our boxes and our e-tailers products. Our boxes have many full-sized items - can't guarantee all items are full-sized, but the e-tailers are very generous and want you to have an enjoyable experience with their products. Please take the time to let them know what you like or if there is something (constructive advice, please) you would like to see differently. You may contact all of the e-tailers directly off of their websites or post on any of our blogs.

Congratulations, ladies!! May you enjoy the item(s) you have won!

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