Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery Prize Donor For July Box

The Soap Corner is the donor for the mystery prize gift for the July Box. The July box is on sale now. We will draw for the winner of the mystery prize on August 15th. You will be notified and your item shipped out promptly. We cannot tell you what Teresa's item is but we can tell you that you will be very pleased. All of The Soap Corner's products are top of the line.

If you don't know how to be entered for the Mystery Prize - I will be happy to tell you. We take each of the purchasers of a Snowberry Creek Sample Box and put them into a drawing for the prize. You will be entered into the drawing each time you purchase a box - so for those of you who purchase 2+ boxes; you are entered for each box.

Don't forget: If you have time - please go by visit our e-tailers, browse their stores. You may see something that you just cannot live without. One never knows when one of them may be offering a special, a discount, free shipping or they may be having a contest or giveaway on their blog. We try to keep up with all of this, but sometimes we may not know ahead of time.

Thanks for supporting our e-tailers - they are fabulous people with superior products.

1 comment:

The Muse said...

hope you are most, where has the time gone? seriously!

i will soon turn my calendar page and find it will be time to buy my christmas sample boxes!

this extra one...that's right one for me! LOL