Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Your Favorite

I was thinking today of my favorite bath and body item. That got me to wondering what everyone else likes. You may tell what item is your favorite and why, if you want. You may even tell who makes your favorite product. Is it your you make your favorite bath and body product? If so, go ahead...toot your own horn!

My favorite bath and body product is a bar of rich lathering, creamy handmade cold-process soap. I'm cold-process challenged, so I really appreciate the people that make these kinds of soap. Actually, I've never tried to make a bar and can't seem to find the time. But, knowing me....I might blow up the kitchen. lol

As to my favorite e-tailer who makes cold-process soaps....well, I don't have just one favorite so I won't list them. I've tried soaps from many of our e-tailers and I haven't gotten a bad bar yet. They are all very talented soapmakers!

Okay, tell me what you like, why and who makes it. I may want to try out their product.

I know the question is....Do I have to be an e-tailer or customer to post my favorite product(s)? The answer is no. Of course, we would love to have you as an e-tailer or a customer, but it is not required here to tout your favorite. Go ahead...let us know your favorite product, store, etc. and why. Hey, you can even leave a link...don't miss out on the opportunity to leave a free link for the search engines. lol

Hope everyone is having a fantastic, creative day doing what they love!


Michelle said...

You know that would have to be my own bath and body product line Blended Naturals LOL

At least I'm honest. Not just because I am the owner but I use them too.

Snowberry Creek said...

Good for you Michelle. It is wonderful that you believe in your own products...that's how it should be. Thanks for being honest and please feel free to leave a link to your products.

Promote yourself, girl! :)Tell us more about your great line of products.

Michelle said...

Well if you insist :-)

Soooo, Blended Naturals is a handcrafted line of products especially formulated for dry skin.

African Americans and other people of color tend to have dry skin and other skin conditions such as acne.

While there are other great product lines out there, I must say that Blended Naturals is a nice fresh line made with high quality ingredients that give commercial brands a run for their money!

Plus, when people purchase from my site, they receive a nice generous helping of samples, packaged neatly together.

Thanks for the free ad :-)

Oh and PS, use coupon code REVIVE for 5% off. Sorry but I save the big savings for holidays so visit often!

Snowberry Creek said...

Now that's more like it! lol Way to go, Michelle. She does have some wonderful products, so if you are needng some - now's the time to save 5%. Go on over and visit her at You may find lots of products you want to try!

Now anyone else want to promote themselves - go for it! You have my permission on this post to shamelessly promote your own business...toot that horn...have a parade!

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