Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ye Olde Chandler's Votive Candles

Looking for a good votive candle? Look no farther – Ye Olde Chandler offers some of the best! These great smelling handcrafted votives burn 12-15 hours. Ye Olde Chandler offers some tips for getting the most out of your votive candles. Votives, as with all candles, should be burned out of drafts. Since soy votives are softer than paraffin, it is important that they be burned in a tight fitting votive cup. They will just turn into a puddle, if burned on a saucer, etc. Their votives fit perfectly in the flowerpot style votive cups.

Ye Olde Chandler offers over 80 scents – something for everyone! The following scents are available: amaretto, angel wings, asian sandalwood, baby powder, bayberry, bird of paradise, birthday cake, black magic, blueberry muffin, café au lait, candle shop, candy corn, cappuccino, cherry berry, chocolate cake, chocolate covered berries, cinnamon apple, cinnamon bun, cool citrus basil, creamsicle, crème brulee, crushed ginger, cucumber melon, dogwood, dragon’s blood, endless love, eucalyptus, evergreen, fleur de lis, flower shop, frankincense & myrrh, fresh linen, gardenia, georgia peach, ginger bergamont, ginger tea, hazelnut, high maintenance type, honeysuckle, hot apple strudel, jasmine, lavender, lemon pucker, lilac, macintosh apple, magnolia, mango papaya, orange mango, peach mango, peppermint, pineapple cilantro, plumeria, pomegranate, pumpkin spice, rain garden, rose bouquet, sinus relief, sleigh bells, spiced cranberry, stargazer lily, stormy day, strawberries & cream, sugar cookie, sweet dreams, sweet pea, tiger eyes, tropical romance, twigs ‘n berries, vanilla spice, vanilla velvet, verbena berry, violet musk, white tea & ginger, wild watermelon, wine & roses, and woodland cabin.

I have smelled many of their scents as they have included many of them in the sample box. I have purchased some and I can tell you that they smell wonderful burning. Your friends will think you have the best smelling house around!

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