Monday, September 13, 2010

Is It An Honor or a Bother?

As most people know, Julie & I run Snowberry Creek together. We do live quite close to one another, but live in different counties. Actually, a river is the county line. Well, to my story or question.

Friday I call Julie on my cell to tell her my (mis)fortune. I had a call from a very nice gentleman informing me that I am to report to the Clark County Courthouse on Wed. morning at 9:00 for jury orientation and the trial will follow. My cell didn't have service at the time, so the nice gentleman just left the message. Wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gotten it? He didn't bother to call my house or ask for confirmation that the message was received. Would I have been in comtempt of court for not appearing?

As I've never served on the jury before, I was a little confused. I thought that you first report for jury selection before serving. Julie tells me she thinks the same and is very sympathic (in a best friend kinda way - lol). Although, she did receive a paper to fill out (at the same time I did) from her county. She is hoping that she's not called and so far it's looking pretty good.

I'm thinking the timing couldn't be worse as the hubs & I had a business trip planned to leave for Pendleton, OR on Sept. 22. I decided to call the Circuit Clerk's office to see if I could get a few more details. She informs me that it is for jury selection.....she says don't cancel your trip yet because you may not be selected (fingers crossed). Then she continues to fill me in....the trial is scheduled to last 7 days (well, if I'm selected...there goes the trip!) Oh, and you will be on the jury roster for the next THREE months.

Hmm....I'm wondering what kind of trial this is. I'll admit that I'm a bit curious to watch and observe the judical system at work. But then again, it seems to me that people are arrested, wait years to go to trial, taxpayers money is spent...hands slap or short sentence and back on the streets again for another go round. So my question is this, "Is it an honor or a bother to be selected to serve on the jury?" I cannot answer this question as I've never served but maybe someone that has can shed some light on the subject.

Oh- by the way, Julie received a call on SUNDAY morning at 9:00 am that she has to report in her county for jury selection on Thursday. She was on the phone with me at 9:01 to tell me her good fortune - LOL Aren't we just the lucky ones! :)

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