Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the Winner of A Woman With Scents Drawing is....

Debbie. Please contact Carol at sales@awomanwithscents. I don't have your email so we will not be able to contact you. Carol will be sending your 3 fall soap sampler set directly to you. Hope you get some of those yummy sound scents!

Thanks for everyone for taking the time to visit Carol's websites and come back to leave comments. I know this means a lot to her, as well as to us. We appreciate your support for us and our e-tailers.

Debbie, we hope you enjoy your soaps!


The Muse said...

Let me offer my Congratulations! Hurrah! :)

Debbie said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to smell these wonderful Fall soaps. :)


Snowberry Creek said...

You're welcome! Feel free to let us know what you think about your soaps. :)