Thursday, October 2, 2008

Products You May Receive in Our Box - Defined

Have you ever heard of product and wondered how it is suppose to be used? We will try to describe some of the items you may encounter. We haven't covered everything but we hope we have been a bit helpful.

Cold process soaps – Soap made from scratch from a variety of ingredients. Each soaper has a recipe they have perfected depending on their preference of oils and ingredients. No two batches will be exactly the same. Many people use wooden soap molds for molding the soap into loaves then it is sliced into bars. Cold process soap has a cure time before it can be unmolded and sliced.

Bath salts – This one is fairly self-explanatory. Some people use several different kinds of salts. These salts are blended with fragrance oils and sometimes herbs. Add to running bath water for an relaxing bath.

Bath melts - Bath melts are small solid shapes (cubes, rounds, cupcakes, etc.) of oils that melt when placed into a warm bath. The melts are filled with moisturizing oils and fragrance.

Bath bombs – Bath bombs or bath fizzies dissolves or fizzes when placed in bath water. The size may vary, some people make large bombs or fizzies, while others make small ones. The are fragrant, fizzy and may have some moisturizing oils or herbs added.

Sugar scrubs – Sugar scrubs are sometimes called sugar body polish. They are used as a gentle moisturizing scrub to exfoliate the body. Many people like to use them on freshly shaved legs.

Salt scrubs – Salt scrubs are also called sea salt scrubs or salt glows. It is a coarse salt to exfoliate dead skin cells, increase circulation and soften your skin. Bath scrubs are scented with oils.

Glycerin soaps – soaps made of glycerin. Most have added fragrance oils and dyes. This soap may be molded into shapes or bars.

Bath confetti - bath confetti is almost paper thin bubble soap with fragrance. When added to running water the confetti will foam. Or you may fill you tub, sprinkle them on top of the water – they will dissolve slowly. They are available in many different shapes and fragrances. Once ounce of confetti provide 1-2 baths.

Bath beads - Filled with scented, moisturizing bath oil. Bath beads will dissolve quickly in a warm bath. Bath beads are also available in a foaming variety and are offered in many shapes and sizes.

Massage oil - Aromatic and therapeutic massage oils are used for enriching the massage experience.

Aroma beads - small little plastic beads that can be colored or clear and contain fragrance. Some uses for aroma beads are: air freshener sachets for cars, luggage, closets, drawers, or any place you would like to freshen up. You may opt to use them as dry potpourri in a pretty glass dish. When placed in a warm area the fragrance is stronger. The aroma beads make great little favors when placed in organza bags.

Smelly jelly – this is a jelly-like substance filled with fragrance. These wonderfully aromatic air fresheners may be used in homes, offices, etc. They come colored or clear, in many fragrances and in a variety of containers.

Wax chips, tart melts, wax melts, candle melts, wax potpourri, candle tarts, scented tarts, wax candle tarts, scent chips, wax tarts and potpourri melts are all names for scented, wickless wax that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to be melted in a tart burner. You may opt to use an electric tart burner or a tea light tart burner. You home will be aroma filled.


LisaLisa said...

OK..I'm here I don't know what I'm suppose to do but I'm here to show support. I must say every item that is listed is my favorite and i love how you broke down how they are made and the ingredients.
Well I showed up!!!! lol lol

The Muse said...

I think Ms Lisa is trying to enter the contest :)

Let me say thank you for defining all these...Many of these items were in the sample boxes I purchased and this information is invaluable!

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