Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Join the Parade ~

the Parade of Creations, that is. We are marching our newest creations from talented artisans. Would you like to join us and show off your wonderful creations?

This is a free opportunity, open to all. The Parade will be posted here - on our blog. We have featured one parade and plan to start celebrating often. If you want your product to be paraded before the public to gain awareness for your creations - please send us a picture and a brief description.

We do offer to promote your company & products in our sample box and you may view the information on our website at The minimum number of samples is 10 for any month you wish to participate.

This offer "Parade of Creations" is not in any way tied to your participation in the sample box this time around. We may not always offer free parades in the future to all creation-makers, but we will always promote our e-tailers for free in the Parade.

Come join us - we would love to have you!


The Muse said...

What an awesome opportunity...I know that the sample packs we got..were adored...and the gals placed orders!

Snowberry Creek said...

Thanks, Muse! Hoping to get the new parade posted by tomorrow. :)

Glad the gals enjoyed their sample packs...we appreciate their orders & hope they found some new places to shop & new products that they love! :)