Monday, January 11, 2010

Tuesday Parade

I was looking for a Tuesday meme that I thought would fit our blog. I couldn't find one that I could showcase the e-tailers so....I decided we will have a Tuesday Parade of Creations. It's not a meme but it is our own personal parade and you are welcome to join...if you would like to show off something that you have created or a product you carry. Valentine's is quickly approaching & people will be looking for that perfect something for their honey.

Here's a few photos of some of our e-tailers creations or products. If I have left you out, I'm truly sorry. I probably didn't have a picture that I could use. This was a spontaneous decision. Add your link, picture or send me the picture and I'll be happy to add it. If you're not a e-tailer, but would like to be - it's easy - send us your product & we will promote you. For more details on being an etailer, please visit the Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes.

Hope you see something that you need ~ please feel free to rush right over to the e-tailer's website and order it!

Hope everyone has a creative Tuesday!

Heaven and Earth Essentials - Wild Berry Botannical Scrub
Brings you exquisite bath & body products along with a
variety of handmade creations.

SBS Teas - Tea for One
Offers a variety of teas,
coffees, cocoas & accessories.
You may be interested in
the tea of the month club.

Ye Olde Chandler - Handmade
soy candles in over 60
scentalizing fragrances. Choose
from a variety of styles.
Handmade specialty soaps
including the popular -

Candles & Woodcrafts -
craftsman of many wooden
products. Painted items such
as the snowman, wooden
plaques, clocks, and wooden
soap molds & displays for the

Mrs. Sterlings - a bath & body boutique offering
the finest products for pampering yourself.
Products to help you create your own spa
retreat at home. Don't forget to pamper those
feet with the pedi products!

Overall Beauty - brings you many products
to beautify yourself with including
mineral eyeshadows, nail polish, magic lash,
and many accessories. She writes a beauty
blog, too.

Lathered Up - Handcrafted natural products,
including soaps, scrubs, bath & body items.
Pictured above is the shaving bar - this will
soften up your honey's skin...ooh lala!

Soap That Makes Scents -
Handmade vegan soap bars,
lip balms and perfumes. Made in
small batches to ensure optimal

Just Right Candles - fragrant wickless
candles in many sizes. The gift box
above includes a burner.

Don't forget your 4-legged
friend! A shampoo bar
created especially for your
dog by Heaven and Earth

The Soap Corner - creator of
many handmade soaps-including
beer & coffee soaps, butter
bath melts and tarts.
She is revamping
her store & may be found on
Etsy at this time.

Reviyve - Fresh Radiant Skin -
Natural ethnic skin care products
for women. She has a product
for any condition that may be
plaguing you & writes informative
articleswith tips and advice.

Delightfully Wed - for the
horselover. A bar soap enclosed
in a burlap bag. Many scents &
color available. Cake toppers,
soap favors & many other
wedding & party necessities.

Hope you've found something that will help you out with your Valentine's Day shopping. I know these e-tailers offer excellent customer service and quick shipping. Many of them offer gift certificates if you would rather let your honey pick the gift.

Toot-toot....the parade has ended! Hope you enjoyed it!


Ye Olde Chandler said...

Wow, we love the parade!

The Muse said...

Oooo a parade and I got a front row seat....!!!

Loved the floats~the clowns~the rockettes, the teaettes, latherettes, the soapettes....

!!!!!! LOL

Snowberry Creek said...

Faye - glad you liked the parade. Want to have another? Talk to Lesli & let me know what you would like to do. I love parades, too!

Muse - you always have a front row seat!!! You're right...the teaettes, latherettes, soakettes, soapettes, waxettes...what a treat!

I particularly liked the pamperettes! I need some pampering...and I sure know where to get the products to do it with!

yummy suds said...

What a GREAT idea! Love the e-tailer parade. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea? :) LOVELY, lovely stuff and thanks to whomever was evil enough to put the fresh berries on the scrub to make me want to eat it even more! lol

Amanda - Owner of said...


Snowberry Creek said...

Hi Yummy Suds! Glad you like our idea. They do have some lovely creations. That would be Barbara of Heaven & Earth Essentials that is tempting us with the fresh berries. Very talented lady!

Amanda - Thanks for the compliment - glad you like it.

่”ฅ็ˆ†็‰›่‚‰Frank said...
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