Saturday, August 2, 2008

What is a Sample Box?

Some people have not heard of sample boxes. They ask the question, “What is a sample box”? I hope to answer some of the questions in this blog.

Our sample box is FULL of samples and full-sized items sent to us by e-tailers who want more recognition of their products and to get them into the hands of more consumers. You may ask, “What is an e-tailer”? An e-tailer is a person who primarily sells their products online either on a website or through auction sites such as Ebay, Etsy, etc.

Many people wonder what kinds of products are in our sample box. The following items may be in the box, depending on what the e-tailers send in. This list is not inclusive. We may have other items that are not on the list. The box may consist of some of the following products: bath gel, handmade soaps, decorative soaps, bath teas, bath melts, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, massage oil, bath salts, bath fizzes, herbal teas, coffees, suckers, travel candles, votive candles, tea light candles, wax melts or tarts, shea butter, lotion, lip balm, lip liner, eye shadow, perfumes, other cosmetics, air fresheners, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, soy wax chips, potpourri, wax ornaments, container candles, body polish, shea lotion, lotion sticks, bubble bath, smelly jelly air fresheners, and any other items that the e-tailers send in. As you can see, we have a variety of products for your sampling pleasure. We hope you find a new product or a new company that you will love.

I hope that I have cleared up the question of what a sample box is. If you would like more information, please email us at


Liz said...

What a wonderful post you have done on Becky. You have very nice and interesting post.Best Wishes

The Muse said...

I am really glad you were so patient with me...when I asked you so long ago...