Friday, August 29, 2008

"E-tailer Spotlight" - Tickled Pink Scentsations

Mia of Tickled Pink Scentsations is a warm, down-to-earth person with a “Tickled Pink” family of customers that love her and her products. She describes her products as homespun, yet girly and sophisticated. She makes most of her own products and loves to build scent blends from scratch. Mia sent Julie & me each a “goodie” bag in with her samples for the box. I will be reviewing them later in the week. If you are lucky enough to get one of Mia’s samples (I should say bag of samples) in our box, you won’t be disappointed! Actually, you’ll be “Tickled Pink”! Be sure to go to Mia’s website at – check out her products, then come back here and post your review. She is offering a 15% off coupon code for the drawing. I’m sure everyone would like to win 15% off of her products! We will draw for the lucky winner on September 5th.

Tell me a little about yourself and/or your business.

Hi, my name is Mia! I’m a 40 year old mother (41 next month but who’s counting =) of 3 boys, have a wonderful husband of 18 years, and I am the one woman show behind Tickled Pink Scentsations.

How or why did you start your business?

I started my business on ebay, and it really grew from there. I had only planned on selling some scented roll-on’s. I had worked since a teen until this time and although my husband and I logistically planned for me to become a stay at home Mom for the first time; for some reason, I felt the need to keep myself busy and make extra income. Well the busy part came to pass, but the extra income? That is a grey area….J/K. I always say this is an expensive hobby =]! I have the best time with it and get to have customers that are like family to me, so I continue to do this and will press on until the demand is not there.

What kind of products do you carry or make?

Quite a few and many more are always brewing in the back of my head! If it smells good and makes you soft, I am a big advocate! My products are created with my customers in mind; along with what I *myself* am looking for as a consumer. I have really gotten to know the ladies I make products for and I cater to what they want to see me create. The products are seasonal in some aspects. Tarts, Lotions, and Body Fragrance are the biggest and hottest selling items.

Do you carry handmade products? Do you make them yourself?

I make 95% of what you see on the website from scratch. I have dedicated workspace in my home that I refer to as the “mad scientist” lab. Many great things and many disasters have come out of this area!

What’s your favorite product to make or create?

I love to make the Velvet Veil Body Lotion and Perfumes and Mists. My favorite part is mixing scents to come up with something truly unique.

Do you have a storefront, sell strictly on-line or both?

I currently operate out of my home, but I feel a store front is in the future. I am always scoping out office space and imagining my business in that capacity.

Website and email address.

Do you have more than one website?

No, just the one and only =]

Do you work at another job?

Yes! Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, Therapist, Maid, you get the idea =}, SuperMom Extraordinaire [anotherwards].

What or who inspires you?

God is the inspiration in every aspect of my life (business and personal). =]

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

Accentuate the positive and remember life is a gift-open it up everyday! Also, laughter is the best medicine…

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own business?

Well, I would say to start with “x” amount of products and “x” amount of scents. And stay within those parameters. If you get too diverse in your offerings it can mean the difference in a strong profit margin. But more than anything to love what you do!


Mia said...

Hi Snowberry Creek!
Thank you for the spotlight =]. Actually the drawing is for a $15 gift code at the site.
The winner will be emailed the code to use for $15 in products/shipping.

Thanx again!! xo

Liz said...

Mia has lovely items and sound so yummy. I have to mark her for my Christmas list

LisaLisa said...

Great interview with Mia and by the way Happy Birthday Mia...I saw where it is coming soon...shh I want tell the lol. I love how you have become the mom of all moms...great job... boy do I know what you lol Mush success to you both!