Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tickled Pink Scentsations Review – Drawing Friday, Sept. 5

Tickled Pink Scentsations owner Mia is friendly, has a great sense of humor, and treats her customers like family. If you visit her forum you will meet her “Tickled Pink” family. This tells me that she offers great products and stands behind them. To have this kind of support and rapport with her “Tickled Pink” family tells me that she offers excellent customer service. I have purchased from her but Mia very generously sent Julie and me our “very own sample bag”. Thank you, Mia!

I received some of the best lip balm that I’ve ever tried. It is not too soft, but glides across your lips. My lips have been a little on the dry side and this vegan balm has certainly moisturized them. I received the “Peace of Mind” lip balm. This is aptly named. If you use it regularly you will have peace of mind from chapped, dry lips. I’m not sure of the ingredients, but perhaps, eucalyptus or mint?

Now on to the Ice Box Lemon tart that I received. If you like lemon scented tarts, you will love this one! It has great scent throw and smells just like lemon tarts. I just happen to love lemon pie and this reminds me of it. Thanks for choosing this particular scent to send me, Mia. I didn’t mention that she enclosed a company ink pen. I really need that as I can never keep up with one for long. So far, I’ve managed to keep this one.

Her products are attractively packaged. She goes the extra mile to make her products have appeal to the customer. My products were packaged in a black polka-dotted bag with black crinkle paper in the bottom and tied with a piece of black tulle. The sample bags she sent in have more than one of her products and they are packaged in a pink-striped cello bag. Try them – you will be “tickled pink”!

Remember to visit Mia’s site then return to the blog and post your comments to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $15 gift code at the site. The winner will be emailed the code to use for $15 in products/shipping. Please leave your email address so we will be able to contact you. Thanks for visiting Tickled Pink and Snowberry Creek Blog!

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LisaLisa said...

Great interview Deb on Tickled Pink. I must say I have never tried Tickled Pink products but I have heard from others that they are great. I must say I love all there packaging...truly wonderful and very eye appealing.