Monday, September 8, 2008

"E-tailer Spotlight" - Tuxedo-Enterprises

This week Linda Nelson of Tuxedo-Enterprises is in the “e-tailer spotlight”. You will learn how Linda selected the name for her business. She is one busy lady with many irons in the fire! Linda is a friendly, genuine person. She is great to do business with. Linda offers quick turn around time. We will review some of her products later in the week. I will tell you this, when I pick Linda’s samples up from the PO I can smell the wonderful aroma coming from the box.

We have one of Linda’s 4 oz. cucumber green tea wickless travel tin candles for the drawing. These attractive candles smell great! You could use them at home, in your office, take with you on a trip, a thank you gift for someone, teacher’s gift, secret pal gift, etc.

Get to know Linda through her spotlight, visit her website , return to our blog, and post something about one of her products to be entered into the drawing. Be sure to post your email address so we will be able to contact you. We will notify you if you are selected as the winner and ship your candle to you. Good luck!

E-tailer Spotlight Questionnaire

Tell me a little about yourself and/or your business.

Hi, I am Linda Nelson. I own and operate (with my husband, John) Tuxedo-Enterprises.
We are located in the beautiful Silver Valley of Northern Idaho (Mullan).

How or why did you start your business?

I started out making melt and pour soap and lotion with a base. This was mostly for me and family members. Then I decided to research making candles. I bought a kit…made 3 candles from that kit. I was hooked on candle making after that.

I started buying supplies and doing more research. My soaps and lotions kinda took a backseat to the candles.

Just recently this year, I added the soap and lotion back in.

The name Tuxedo-Enterprises comes from my husbands’ nickname. He has been called Tuxedo since high school.

What kind of products do you carry or make?

I offer hand crafted Soy container candles, and Palm pillars, melts, and votives.
Also Glycerin bar soap and lotion.

Do you carry handmade products?

Yes…I like to call them handcrafted though.

Do you make them yourself?

Yes, I make everything I sell.

My lotion starts with a pre-made base and I add to it. My soaps are all melt and pour base with added ingredients.

What’s your favorite product to make or create?

I think my favorite product to make is a pillar. There are many ways to make a pillar. I am still in the learning phase of most of them. For now, my pillars look plain to me. I do use Palm wax for my pillars. The palm was makes beautiful designs on its own.

Do you have a storefront, sell strictly on-line or both?

I sell online for the most part right now. I do have a booth at the Klock Tower Mall in Kellogg, ID. If you’re ever visiting the Silver Valley, stop by.

Website and email address.

Do you have more than one website?

I also rep for Seabiotics…Omega 3 Shark Liver Oil (fish oil) and
GBG … 10 in 1 Liquid Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Do you work at another job?

I manage a convenience store full time. I only work 4 days a week at the store. If there’s a problem or the clerk on duty needs me, I am on call. Usually problems can be handled over the phone.

What or who inspires you?

First person would be my dad. He taught me to work.
Second would be all the people on the different forums and social networks that I belong to.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

“When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”
Jim Rohn

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own business?

Get an idea of what you want to do. Do the research…how much it’s going to cost to start. Then figure out how much you will need to keep in business. The amount of time doesn’t matter. It could be figured on 3 months or 3 years. Just have a plan of some sort. Then work that plan.

Always keep learning. When we quit learning, we quit living.

If things are not going as you had planned, change them. Only you can do that.


Liz said...

First of all I love the name. I have visited the shop with all the wonderful candles and melts. By reading this post I see that you love what you dol

LisaLisa said...

Great interview ....I visited Linda site and i love it so cool and pretty with all the candles and soap's. I think the Heart Melts are so cute!!! It's always good to love what you makes life so much easier. Here's to your success Linda!!!

The Muse said...

Hello to both of you!

I cannot begin to say how intrigued I am with these interviews...we get to learn so much more about out peers..I think it is marvelous!

I know that working towards our dreams is what we are all striving to do...and I believe that a positive outlook and guidance from above, we can do all things.


TheMich said...

I love the mini muffin melts! She has a great variety of scents.