Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Yes, I've been tagged by The Muse...the creator of A Diva's Hammer. The lady with the mighty pen...and an inspirational word for all.

I'm to share eight things that you probably don't know about me, then continue this game by tagging eight people to do the same.

1. I live in a rural area.
2. I like to cook.
3. I co-chair an annual fundraiser that benefits Arkansas Children's Hospital.
4. I'm a happy kind of person. I see the glass half-full.
5. I collect antique bottles and vases.
6. Oregon is my birthplace.
7. I am an only child.
8. I love Christmas! The smells, the spirit, the gifts (giving and the surprise of receiving something someone picked out especially for me).

I'm tagging:

Country Keepsakes; Bitten by Books; Margarita Bloom; Overall Beauty; MarLee Travel; La Dolce Vita; Just Right Candles; The Hippy Diva Dolls.


Kristen Andrews said...

these are always fun! I will get mine done soon thanks for the tag.

The Muse said...

Well congrats for NOT being it, any longer LOL...LOL

And I thoroughly enjoyed learning about you Pete, old buddy wrangler old pal..LOL

Ok yes, its late and I should be in bed asleep...LOL LOL

Snowberry Creek said...

Thanks for jogging my memory. I look foward to talking with you...wrangling...and most of all laughing! lol

It is late...I should be asleep...but you know me...I'm not! The ole mind is racing....too bad the body can't keep up! lol