Monday, September 22, 2008

Lathered Up's Drawing ~ And the winner is......

The Muse! She is one "lucky lady", winning 2 weeks in a row. She always takes the time to read about the e-tailers and check out their products. It is paying off for her! Pansy, “The Muse”, is the lucky winner of Angelene's special product set including an oil, bath salt, sugar scrub and soap bar set.

Thanks Panz for your continued support and for taking the time to get to know these independent business owners. I'm sure you will love all of the wonderful products that Angelene sends to you.

Thank you, Angelene, for allowing us to "spotlight" you and for being in our box. We wish you continued success with your business!


Liz said...

That is so wonderful how lucky she is.

The Muse said...
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Snowberry Creek said...

I do love the Muse! And I can take lots and lots of Muse! lol What an intriquing mind she has and kind-hearted to boot!

But,I would welcome more faces. Our e-tailers are offering free products for the drawings. They are there just for the taking and we make it soooo easy!

Dear Muse, I'm happy that you are awfully happy! lol Thank you for visting us so often!!!!! We look forward to your visits and comments.

You will be Lathered Up for quite some time! LOL

The Muse said...

Liz you sure are surely invited to put me to the test..LOL I know that Ms Debbie would welcome more faces...

Yes, she loves me...but much Muse can someone take? LOL LOL

I am awfully happy!
Thank you!!!!!

And now, Let's get Lathered Up (so to speak) LOL LOL!!!!