Monday, April 27, 2009

I Was Lucky!!!

I'm always looking around, visiting blogs, entering contests...sometimes I get lucky but oft times not. It was my lucky day when I went by Kim's Thoughts of Beauty Blog. Kim is the owner of Overall Beauty. I stopped in to read her very informative blog and she was reviewing a new company she had found, Natural Empathy. I read the review and noticed she was having a giveaway of two of their products. So, naturally - I entered. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I won - TWO FULL-SIZED products!

I won a 200ml bottle of Natural Empathy Body Wash and a 200ml bottle of Natural Empathy Hand and Body Lotion. I love they way they smell. So clean and fresh! The ingredients are all natural. I am posting the descriptions and pictures below.

Every Body Hand and Body Lotion L14.00
The essential fatty acids and natural vitamin E present in the cold
pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil used in this product repair our
natural barriers and strengthen the passageways for all the nutrients in
the hand and body lotion to get in and do their magic.

The stronger that barrier is, the better your cells can hold moisture,
and that equals plumper, younger looking skin. Consisting of coconut
oil, avocado oil and lemon essential oil, this hand and body lotion
moisturizes and nourishes skin whilst helping to reduce age spots and
ensure optimum circulation leaving skin looking healthy and radiant.

Botanical Body Wash L10.00
Once again citrus oils, eucalyptus essential oil, and ginger root
extract, combine in an aromatic deep cleansing experience. Orange oil is
used to create a feeling of warmth and happiness, while detoxifying a
congested complexion.

Lemon balances the pH while brightening dull skin and Aloe Vera improves
hydration levels and aids in the removal of dead skin cells, leaving you
fresh, invigorated and ready for anything. This is a natural formula
which is sodium laurel sulphate (sls) and paraben free.

For more information on these wonderful products you may visit Kim's Review and the Natural Empathy website. Thanks, Kim for reviewing this company and their wonderful products. I'm very happy that I was selected as the winner. I am very pleased with Natural Empathy's products.


Kristen Andrews said...

wow such cool bath goodies, i want it all.

The Muse said...

Gosh! Love those bottles!!!
Congrats Wrangler gal! :)