Sunday, April 26, 2009

Places to Consider - Selling Your Products

You have developed your products and you are ready to sell them. Wait, you don’t have a website….there are other options. While we all want a website, this is the dream, it may be more economical to start out with one of the other selling venues available. Most of the selling venues offer low cost startup for the beginning entrepreneur. Selling this way will may enable you to discover if there is a market for your product. Taking advantage established venues, where customers regularly shop may help you develop your own customer base. After you establish yourself as reputable business and accrue the funds needed you will be ready to get that website built.

The upside of opening a store on any of these sites is that it is quick. You will be up and going in no time. You will need to consider which is the best fit for your product and which offers the best deal. Some of them offer low monthly fees or no fees for stores, listing fees and final value fees vary. You will have to decide which is best for you and your product.

Here are some venues for starting out or for supplementing your website sales. At many of the venues you may open a store, while others are auction sites.
We are not endorsing any of these places, simply giving you the information to make your own decision.


There are many other places to sell your products. These are the ones that came to mind. If you have any places you would like to add to our list - please feel free to post them.

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Michelle said...

You are just a wealth of information! These websites ought to get any new business off to a great start. I wish I had known about selling on other sites before I purchased all of my websites. Then again, had I not purchased my websites, I probably wouldn't have known anything about it and I wouldn't have met great people like you!

Thanks for the prayers too. I have a busy year ahead but in the end it's all worth it :)

Oh by the way, I just launched a new ecourse on Having a Healthy Heart. Check it out at