Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is Our Goal?

We started Snowberry Creek Sample Boxes to promote our businesess, along with any others who wish to participate. We've had a great time doing it and will continue on. We think we have been successful in reaching our goals. I cannot speak for each of the e-tailers who have participated, but Julie and I each own businesses and we participate each month. We have seen an increase in our sales and the volume of traffic to our sites. Many of the e-tailers have told me they have noticed an increase in sales and traffic volume, too.

Now, I know you are wondering why I am going into all of this. Well, I'll tell you. Today I was thinking about the sample box business and how many people are in that business. That's great...I think there is room for everyone and everyone has there own reasons for doing it. Then, I begin to think about our reasons. It was not to get rich. LOL Good thing, we didn't go into it for that because we have put more time and effort in this business than we will ever make. Not to complain, because it is paying off for both of us in our main businesses and that is our goal. To promote ALL of our e-tailers, along with ourselves.

Here's a list of our goals from the beginning:

1. To promote small independent business owners.
2. To help generate more traffic to their websites.
3. To provide the consumers with products they may never have heard of before.
4. Offer a box full of samples each month.
6. Provide the consumer a low-cost way to try many different products.
5. Try to come up with various ways to help the website owners promote their products without charging them extra money for our efforts.
6. Get our e-tailers more visibility on the internet.

The samples in our boxes do not arrive at your door all fancied up in pretty packaging, bows, bags, etc. Our boxes will arrive as a USPS Flat Rate (11x8-1/2x5-1/2) Postal Box full of fabulous samples (there will be some packaging to help insulate the samples). The price of our box includes the $9.85 for shipping. We charge actual shipping costs and do not have any handling charges. What we do provide is a no cost (except for their samples) way for our e-tailers to get their products seen, heard about and into the hands of consumers. We want everyone to get a chance to try their products.

We do value our time, but we feel this is a worthwhile cause - the promotion of small business owners who are just starting out or struggling to get recognition for their products.

Thanks to all of the e-tailers who have participated and sent in their creative, fabulous, fantastic products. We will continue to promote you to our utmost ability.

I, personally, have found some new places to shop. Hope you will visit some of the e-tailers websites and try out some of their products. I have received great products, excellent customer service and very timely shipping. I have not been disappointed in any of my purchases.

Our goal was never to make a fortune off of other people's samples and we have met that goal.

Our goal is to gain recognition for our e-tailers and their products while ensuring the consumer is receiving the best products available at a great cost.

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The Muse said...

Having seen and experienced these delightful sample boxes (ie my Christmas order) know how much I love them...and what a hit they were among my Christmas guests and family.

Your blog post gives the world a "peek" into your business...and it is a peek certainly worth sharing and taking!